We work hard to create a working environment where employees can thrive and succeed. We want our employees to be motivated to deliver the best service to our customers. We understand that this is vital to our business and it is the driving factor behind our success.

BahnBurner is about far more than just parts sales. We are a culture that embraces diversity and rewards imagination, determination, and creativity. We’re looking for people who can grow, think, and dream. We seek achievers, leaders and visionaries. At BahnBurner, it’s about bringing what you have to a challenging and constantly evolving game.

The BahnBurner credence:  Inspire, Innovate, CreateI
Inspiration: Dare to be great, inspire others to do the same.

Innovation: A step ahead of the competition, conceive new and ground-breaking concepts.

Creation: From concept to completion, taking ideas to reality and sharing it with our customers.

All departments within the BahnBurner organization are constantly looking for talented, motivated, creative, ambitious and dedicated people to work for the brand. BahnBurner thrives on being a young, progressive and creative company to work for, and we receive literally thousands of enquiries from people all over the world to work within our organization. We list all current job vacancies for all departments within the organization in the ‘Listings’ section, so if anything comes up that you are interested in please follow the application procedures specific to that job.

BahnBurner is very proactive in working with Schools, Colleges and Universities, and we offer multiple placements for students that require work experience relevant to their course of study. We have extensive experience working with Continuing Education departments of many academic institutions. Placements are unpaid and can last anything from a few days to a semester, or even a whole academic year. We welcome applications from people with a range of experiences and qualifications. We don’t look for degrees, we look for talent and we like those applicants that can demonstrate gobs of it. Join us in our goals to Inspire, Innovate, and Create.

If you are interested in an opportunity to work at BahnBurner, please email your CV to info@bahnburner.com.

Digital Video Production/Editing – Internship
With all of the expansions that are going around BahnBurner, and the rate at which BahnBurner is growing and evolving, we need some extra hands in the mix. Our marketing initiatives dictate large amounts of video footage as well as audio editing. We hope to offer the position of our “Digital Video Intern” to possible one or more lucky candidates who would like to join our organization. BahnBurner is going to turn up the heat, and things are going to get pretty wild. We can’t wait. The Digital Video Intern will be assisting the Production Coordinator and Editor/Producer in the Digital Video Department, including administrative work, light editing, and helping to keep the department organized. This is a Summer Internship offered each year to one lucky candidate. This internship is unpaid. In order to be eligible to participate in this internship you must be able to receive college credit. Preferred Majors: Television, Communication, Media Studies. Must be familiar with Microsoft Office. Must have strong organizational skills; experience with media databases and Final Cut a plus (not required); strong technical skills and interests (video formats, dubbing etc.); able to work independently.If you are interested in an opportunity to work at BahnBurner, please email your CV to info@bahnburner.com.