997 Turbo Fuel System



Keep or reclaim your trunk space with this dual in-tank 485lph fuel system capable of supporting 1100+whp on E85 and 1300+whp on race gas.  All stages are easily upgradeable to the next. There is no CUTTING/DRILLING/BENDING required to install any of the kits.  The basket has been completely replaced with a billet column increasing surge tank volume by 30%.

Stage 1: Dual pump kit includes 2 X pumps, wiring harness (800whp limited by line/rail size)

Stage 2: Dual pump kit includes 2 X pumps, braided e85 safe line, inline filter, AN fittings, billet porsche fuel rails, fuellab adjustable regulator. (1100whp)

Stage 3: Dual Brushless 2 X 700L/h (1500whp+)

This kit fits under the factory fuel pump lid with no visible wiring and no risk of damage from luggage moving around in the trunk during spirited driving.  This system is as turn-key as it gets, drastically reducing installation time and messy wiring etc.